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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Why ‘Tattoo Addict Aftercare’ Is Better Than Bepanthen?

Bepanthen is a moisturizing and antiseptic cream, which is largely why people use it for treating tattoos. It’s also used to treat the rashes on babies, so it’s presumed that it should be safe for sensitive skin as well. But, that may not be true.

Here’s why Tattoo Addict Aftercare is a better option than Bepanthen.


Bepanthen has ingredients like petroleum jelly, lanolin, cetyl, and stearyl alcohol that may actually be doing more harm than good for tattoos. Petroleum jelly forms a thick layer on the skin that can be helpful for wound healing.

Lanolin may also cause rashes and a burning sensation on the skin. It’s also not very good for the colors of your tattoo as it’s known to lighten your skin. Stearyl alcohol can cause redness and itching on the skin.

The ingredients in Bepanthen are thus not ideal for sensitive skin and can worsen your skin.

It’s always advisable to use gentle aftercare products like Tattoo Addict Aftercare that are formulated using natural ingredients and are suited for all skin types.


Bepanthen is designed to moisturize baby bums, so its consistency is not suited for tattoos. It is a thick, sticky cream that doesn’t get absorbed into the skin easily. This can get quite inconvenient for tattoos as the cream will stain the clothes. It also doesn’t spread much, so you will need to use more quantity for a small tattoo.

Tattoo Addict Aftercare is much smoother in consistency and glides easily on the skin. It also gets absorbed real quick and a small amount is enough to cover an average tattoo.


Bepanthen, as mentioned above, is a sticky cream. To prevent it from ruining your clothes, it needs to be wrapped in a cling film. This also poses the risk of damaging dry skin and potentially ruining the color and finish of the tattoo.

On the other hand, Tattoo Addict Aftercare isn’t sticky at all and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It moisturizes the tattoo area really well, and you do not need to use any cling wrap with the cream.


Nearly 90% of tattoos itch. Anyone with tattoos on their body can confirm this. This is because the skin dries out during healing and causes irritation. The ingredients in Bepanthen can worsen the itchiness, compelling you to scratch the tattoo which you absolutely must not do.

Tattoo Addict Aftercare, however, has ingredients that calm irritation and reduce itching.


The thick and sticky Bepanthen can mix with the ink and blood, producing an awful smell. Plus, the lanolin in Bepanthen can actually fade the tattoo color.

The ingredients in Tattoo Addict Aftercare promote the color pigments, and it’s even used on older tattoos to prevent fading.

Creams like Bepanthen, though moisturizing, aren’t formulated for tattoos. Their ingredients and texture won’t work well on your tattoo.

So, to avoid the inconvenience and speed up the healing process, always opt for specially formulated tattoo balms like ‘Tattoo Addict Aftercare’.


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