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Do I need to book my tattoo? And How?

It's best to book in, any significant tattoo needs to be booked so we can organise your appointment time and the most appropriate artist.
For basic tattoos such as font, linework or any simple image/symbol just come in within business hours (11am-7pm. You can make a booking by contacting or visiting us.

What we need to know:


What you want and when you want it. Send us a description and if you have an image reference of what you want, where you want it, and the size measurements (if relevant). Send us your most preferable tattoo date/s and also what dates you can do it optionally.

We require a deposit to secure your booking. To place a deposit we can accept these methods of payment:

  • Paypal

  • Cash, when you first arrive in Bali, minimum 14 days prior to the tattoo.

  • Pay via Australian Commonwealth Bank transfer (all transactions calculated in IDR)

  • Tattoo consultations are FREE and no appointment is necessary. You are welcome to stop by whenever it is convenient for you to discuss your tattoo.

What kind of tattoos can you do?

Well just about everything, if we miss something just ask us:
Mandala tattoo, Small tattoos, blackwork tattoo, black and grey tattoo, colour tattoo, color tattoo, fine line tattoo, cover up tattoo, 3D tattoos, abstract tattoos, custom tattoo, dot work tattoo, Maori tattoo, memorial tattoos, photo realist tattoo, sleeve tattoo, tattoo touch ups, traditional tattoo, hand poke tattoo, coloured tattoos, Oriental tattoo, tribal tattoo, female tattoo, full sleeve, travel tattoo, blackout tattoo, traditional asian tattoos, geometric tattoo, old school tattoo, ornament tattoo, Polynesian tattoo, tattoo lettering, tiny tattoo, micro tattoo, white ink tattoo, hyper realistic tattoo, anime tattoo, cartoon tattoo, realistic tattoo, balinese tattoo, neo traditional tattoo, chicano tattoo, minimalist tattoo, name tattoo, sketch tattoo, simple tattoo, half sleeve, full back tattoo, flower tattoo, japanese tattoo, celtic tattoo. 



How much do you charge?

We charge per piece generally. So this is why we need to know what you want, where you want it and what size you want it. With that, we would be able to give a rough quote and time estimate for your tattoo.

We will charge per hour on certain occasions and we will quote you in your consultation.


Our minimum charge for a tattoo is Rp 1.200.000 (Roughly AU$120) the final price is dependent on size, detail, style of the design, and location on the body.



Where are you located?

We are located at Jalan Patih Jelantik No. 204 X, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali. To see a map location,

click here.



What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept:

  • Mastercard and Visa in store

  • Cash in IDR, AUD or USD (daily exchange rates apply to non-IDR cash)

  • Paypal

  • Australian Bank Transfer (Commonwealth Bank of Australia)

  • Wise: All major currencies

  • Indonesian Bank Transfer (BNI)

  • Credit Card Online via this website: See our online store

  • Crypto - Binance (please ask for details)

International deposits can be made via Paypal, Wise / bank transfer and credit card, please ask us for the details.

When paying with Paypal or to our Australian bank we charge in AUD currency, this exchange rate is calculated by the rate at that time with our local money exchange BMC 

All fees are based on IDR



What are your business hours?

We are open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. Although we will work into the night for booked customers to complete the job. We always announce when we will be closed on Google and our social media.

What is your phone number?

Our WhatsApp phone number is +62 813-5301-0662. Please keep in mind our availability to take phone calls is rather limited. WhatsApp is the best option.

Do tattoos hurt?

This question is asked more than any other when it comes to tattoos. Yes, even more than "How much?"

The answer is, "Yes." Quite literally we are stabbing you thousands of times a minute with multiple needles. Of course, it hurts

Now before you go getting all freaked out, keep in mind that thousands of people everyday get tattoos, and they all survive. If done correctly, a tattoo should feel more like a burning sensation or discomfort. Different areas of the body can hurt more than others and sensitivity can even vary in small areas.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

We wrap your new tattoo in either tattoo repairing film or standard cling wrap. 
For repairing film: keep this on for 24 hours
For cling wrap: keep the plastic wrap on for at least an hour.
Take a normal shower and let the tattoo rinse for a minimum of 30 seconds. Wash with a mild liquid soap, no more than twice a day. Pat dry with a clean towel / tissues, use Bepanthen or similar tattoo aftercare product and apply two to five times a day, keeping it from drying out and cracking-. Stay away from any pools, jacuzzis, lakes, ponds and ocean water for the first two weeks. Keep it clean, do not touch with dirty hands. Keep your tattoo out of the sun while it is healing, and apply sunscreen to it once it has healed to keep the colour crisp. If you have any questions regarding how your tattoo is healing, please contact the us.

Check out our aftercare Guide here

Do I get to choose my artist?

Of course. It simply depends on that particular artist's availability. The artists are not all here every day, nor can we promise to fit in everyone wanting a tattoo on a particular day. We endeavor to match you with the best artist for your particular design style.

Can I fix an old or bad tattoo?

What do you do if you came home to find your girlfriend in bed with your brother and now you just can't handle the thought of having "Maria - Till Death Do Us Part" on your arm for everyone (including your new girlfriend) to see.

How about if you got a tattoo at a less than reputable place and realize that your 'NO REGRETS' tattoo is spelled 'NO RAGRETS', or that your fierce tiger looks more like a sketchy tabbycat?

What if your tribal tattoo looks like it was put on with a sponge? Do the scales on the dragon tattoo you got twenty years ago need a bit of touch-up?

For all these problems and more, we can help. Our artists have years of experience in cover-ups, restorations, and touch-ups because of the abundance of low quality cheap tattoo studios.

If you've gotten a tattoo from us and you've taken care of it to the best of your ability but its still lost some ink. Our artists guarantee their work and will be happy to touch it up for you, free of charge.

We've heard it all, and regardless of who broke up with whom, we'll be happy to work with you and offer options on how to get that bitch's name off your arm. Come in and see us, we'll be happy to do anything we can to help.

Can you help me design my tattoo?

Of course we can! Our artists use a variety of methods to design your tattoo. Whether it is drawn freehand, drawn on paper or designed on a computer or tablet. Imagine you can bring in an image you like and have it transformed into an image you love. From good to great guaranteed.

Our artists work on their designs on the day of the tattoo, so you will get to talk to them directly regarding design, placement and make any changes.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our front entrance is a ramp that allows for easy access.



Terms and Conditions

Price agreement

We will do our best to give you the most accurate quote possible based of the information we receive from you. In some case we will give you an exact price, in other cases we will give you a price range.

We promise you the original price or price range we quoted online will remain exactly the same if we do the tattoo exactly as discussed. If the tattoo changes in size or design upon consultation we will adjust the price accordingly. If it becomes smaller or less complex we will make it cheaper for you, if the design is bigger or more complex the price may increase. 
In the situation we have quoted for 'average size person' and you are actually much smaller or larger than average we will also adjust the price accordingly once we can see you in person for consultation.

All tattoo designs and prices are assessed for changes to original agreement and will be confirmed with you prior to starting the tattoo.




In order to make a booking we require a deposit to lock in your booking slot:
Tattoos ranging from 1.2 - 1.8 million IDR require a 500k IDR deposit

Tattoos ranging from 1.9 - 3 million IDR require a 1 million IDR deposit
All tattoos above 3 million IDR require a 2 million IDR deposit per days booking

If you make a deposit via bank transfer please allow 2-5 working days for the payment to come through, if the payment has not been received before your tattoo has finished we will need to charge in full. We will refund the deposit amount after it has been received.

If you book multiple days we request 2 million IDR per day which will be held to lock each days booking in separately.

For pre-design tattoos we ask for a 50% deposit of the total tattoo price to create the design before in-person consultation. (see Pre-Design T&C for more details)

Pay as you go

For multi-day bookings we require the payments to be ahead of the tattoo progress each day, so that at no stage have we done more work than you have paid for. 
This is mitigated by full payment at the end of the first day or with daily progress payments. 
Progress payments are calculated by dividing the total price by the amount of days minus one days deposit (2 million IDR), not the total deposit.

If you choose to pay your balance with bank transfer you risk the payment being delayed in some cases. International transfers cannot be accepted for balance payments on the day of your tattoo as this comes with multi-day delay. Some Australian bank transfers have a 24 hour hold delay, if you think this may happen we ask you to choose another payment option or pay your balance 24 hours before it is due. If the payment is delayed once you have completed the tattoo we will require you to pay through another payment method. We can refund you later once the funds have arrived.


A pre-design is a design requested by the client to be completed before the booking date.

We prefer not to create designs prior to an in-person artist-client consultation. There is very good reason for this, is that online communication is not ideal and can cause problems and delays with the design process. Also we find that some clients change their mind about the design by the time the actually arrive for the booking date. 

For pre-design tattoos we ask for a 50% deposit to start the design process.

In order successfully create a pre-design we require a clear description of all necessary details:
Location / Placement


Black and grey or colour specifications

Design references

Design description

Design style 

And any other important information the artist will require

We are happy to make revisions to get it just right for you, however we cannot change the design entirely if you change your mind, in this case we would need to start again and charge you for the artists time so far with the design. 

So we ask that if you want to proceed with a pre-design please be sure about your concepts before making the commitment.

Cancellation policy

Please note your deposit is not refundable. This is because in most cases we have already spent a lot of time with online consultation, artist allocation and preparing your design. However, we are able to hold your deposits for another date which works better for you anytime in the future. Your deposit will remain 'on hold'.

If you start your tattoo but cannot finish it on time because you needed too many breaks or asked to stop completely because you couldn't handle it. We will still need to charge you for the original tattoo price, we can then reschedule for another date at your convenience for no extra charge. So please be sure you can handle the amount of tattoo you book in. The reason for this is that at this stage we have already completed your design and allocated the booking slot just for you. 


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